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Зрительный зал. Начало фильма. Огромные ноздри на экране втягивают воздух.
Большинство зрителей: Да попкорн это, попкорн.
Меньшинство (смущённо): Эм… Да, да – попкорн…
Ноздри убираются, их место занимает вид темницы сырой с младым орлом-Гренуем.
Зрители, читавшие книгу (категорически): Это не Гренуй! Не Бред Питт, конечно, но и не Гренуй!
Зрители, не читавшие (с приятным удивлением): А ничего так…
Картина рыбного рынка.
Непредусмотрительные зрители давятся попкорном, предусмотрительные наслаждаются минеральной водой.
Рождение Гренуя.
Зрители (единодушно): Фу-у-у-у!
Голос за кадром: Таким образом, первый крик Гренуя стоил его матери жизни.
Половина зрителей: Эк!
Другая половина: Эт точно!
Читать дальше...
(с) Хмель

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Мир Андрея Верещагина

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Художник - Андрей Верещагин
Теплый ветер

Тайный разговор на крыле

Читать дальше...

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It’s really sad story

It happened today, but two years ago. Some stupid astronomians make desision to take away Sailor Pluto’s license to be a planet senshi and she got kicked out of the Sailor Soldiers. Because, if they let her in, they would also have to let in Sailor Ceres and Sailor Eris, and they didn’t like them. Those two were total bitches, really, and they couldn’t fight for you. But Sailor Moon didn’t want to piss them off by saying ”No! You guys can’t join the group because we don’t like you!”, so she came up with some convoluted explanation involving their height and weight and whether their breasts were gravitationally bound into a sphere and as it turned out, they had to kick out Sailor Pluto too. She was quite pissed about it, and justifiably so.

It’s really dark day for all vidols members, living and dead, because Sailor Moon is the best anime EVAAAA, being a very popular member of the Command and Conquer-series among strange alien-creatures known as Humans. The series was created by Dave Duncan on March 7, 1992. It tells about the Emperor of Galactic Republic, Luke Skywalker’s daughter Serenity (Who will go down in legend in a Josh Whedon series) and her wild Magic: The Gathering games which contain summoning Fire Spirits and Ur-Quan -creatures trying to figure out the ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Currently, they have all failed in figuring out why 42 roads lead to the meaning of life. But, ofcourse, you already have known that.

In this sad day you can support us with your love and money, which you always can sent via liqpay.

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book club - vidols рекомендует

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Итак, сегодня дрессированные книжные черви из нашего живого уголка подготовили специально для вас, дорогие ПЧ, фотоотчёт по рекомендуемому чтиву. Итак, смотрите... берите на заметку и читайте_читайте_читайте:

Читать дальше...

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love and peace!!!!

Dear friends, we continuing to introduce you to our everyday life. You’ll like it!!!

First of all, we already received many letters, with a questions about our puppy. He is a cute babyboy-dog, named Kozachek, with a lovely brown eyes and long hair. Five month ago we find Kozachek in the wood, where some bad people try to cook him. Actually, in Ukraine we don’t eat dogs, but, as I said, Kozachek was very VERY cute!!!

We fight those guys and won, so we took Kozachek with us.

At those times he was very small, and drinks only 20 gr milk per day. Now he grown a little and start to beg for meet, vodka and staff but we like him never mind.

You also wrote us many letters and ask if you could help with some money. YES YOU COULD!!!!

Even if it will be only 0.01$, for us it’s a great money. And we could receive you love with it!!!

Send us money very simply. In Ukraine we don’t have credit cards, but we hold money in our phone numbers. For example you can use site liqpay.com to send it to the vidols phone number. Yes, we have only one number for all vidols members but we gladly answer it if you call. Or you can write us messages while sending money.

So, a brief consultation to the liqpay.com:

After opening site in your brauser you must push ”с карты на телефон” link, the first in the list.

Then you have to enter our phone number (which is +380978923550) and sum of transfer (even 0.01 will be enough) and push right button. For help you can use the ”live help button” and maybe support team could speak engrish with you like us.

Thanks to EVERYONE!!!! We love you all!!!

This is Kira and Lina are working at kolhoz. For more fun visit www.vidols.com.

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Oh, dear foreign friends, you wrote us sooo many letters, asking how we usually spend our free time. Of course you should know, that we have little free time, couse of work and cosplay. But even if everyday life is unbelievable hard we still gathering together time to time and play one of the our favorite games.

For example, first of it (Lina’s favorite) is to force Kozachek to set on the classmates. It’s really fun, even if you haven’t Kazachek by your side, any dog will fit.

Second (Kira’s favorite) is to wrote some people’s name in the Death Note (fake of course) and then send DN to them in the black envelope. This game also very funny but your need to be Kira for it. And remember you must not confuse fake Death Note to real one, anyway!!!

And we all like to read yours letters aloud, in the street, school, university, theatre, cinema, ect… This is our FAVORITE GAME, so send us as many as you can. But yours money we like even better!!!!

onegai, visit us at  www.vidols.com

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This post is about Ukrainian television

Unlike other countries in Europe, in Ukraine television is not very popular. The thing is, that ukrainians working all day long and simply have no time for it.
Becouse of it, we have no TV programms, broadcasting during the day, and have no commercial at all. But after midnight our TV starts working and vidols are the heart of it.
So now, when you know about our TV, time to present our new music video. It is about our life, cosplay, and many other staff. Our friends, Vanilla Ninja, recorded a song specially for us, and the world number one producer George Lukas make this incredible video.
So, in the Ukraine Late Night Anime channel, it is NUMBER ONE!!!!!

Click on Picture

Don’t you forget about our poor Kozachek? He is hungry and begging for your kindness. Send him money via liqpay and the good thing will be came in to your life for shure!!!!!

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Ukrainian tradicional Spring Festival

Today, the 22 of May, there are times for Spring Fest in our country. Sun is shining, flowers are blooming, cats and dogs do staff… And all Ukrainias gather in the wood and celebrate The Mating Holiday. The drink of the fest is… NOT VODKA THIS TIME!!!!! It is peeevo which are made of konoplya, poganki and butterflies blood. Shake it, fire it, and get the best woo-hoo ever!!!

After drinking ukrainians start their favorite games: gulyanki and valyanki. The winner of valyanki get the biggest woman in the group (which is about 150 kg weight usually). In Ukrain this weight is very rare, so the winner is the HAPPIEST man in the world. As for gulyanki, this game is about measuring your dick in meters, and vidols are the judges of it.

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Eurovision 2008 tribute

We, as THE GREATEST Ukrainian group, wanted to participate in Eurovision song contest this year. But our evil enemy Philipp Bedrosovich Khirkorov won this time. He captured honorable Ukrainian doyarka Ani Lorak and force her sing his stupid song.
We can’t fight with doyarka and falled back, but next year we will be there for shure.
This song we recorded with help of our friends - Kamuillo Gackt and Dima Bilan also known as Verka Serduchka.
Title of the song ”Twoi glaza (We are the winners of Eurovision this time (gopack version))”
Please download from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?1m0ojrazv6i

for more visit www.vidols.com

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Мои фотоальбомы

Мои фотоальбомы


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